Types of Poems

Types of Poems A poem is a composition that expresses emotions or shows something in an imaginative way. Poems can be categorized many different ways. The three main types of poems are narrative, dramatic, or lyric. NARRATIVE: A narrative poem tells a story and includes ballads and epics. A great example of a narrative poem… Read more Types of Poems

Get Creative

Get Creative Now that you have some tips on writing poems, you need to get those creative juices flowing. Poets see the world in a different way. Look around and try to get a different perspective.  If you stand on your head, you will see things differently in a physical way. A poet does this… Read more Get Creative


Poem on Butterfly  A Beautiful Poem on Butterfly for Class 1.  Butterfly comes in spring season.  Spring season is a season in which flower bloosoms.  Every garden is full of flowers.  Butterfly attract towards flowers.  A Poem on Butterfly is here.  The title of the poem is Butterfly Butterfly , Butterfly Tie your tie Do… Read more Butterfly