Study Skills

Time Management

Time Management Time management means fixation of priorities according to time. Time management comprises following Allocation of time against activities. What should be done first and what should be done second? How much time should be given to a task according to its importance and nature? What is the right time for a task? Which… Read more Time Management

Planning – Making a schedule for study

Planning – Making a schedule for study A very well-known saying is, “He who fails to plan, he plans to fail”. Planning is very much important, if you want to be a successful student. A schedule helps you in utilizing your time more productively.  It helps you to complete your course in a particular time.… Read more Planning – Making a schedule for study

Question-wise Preparation.

Question-wise Preparation. A question paper comprises of different types of questions to test your knowledge. There are mainly three types of questions Essay Questions (Long descriptive answer with full explanation – more marks) Short Questions (3 to 5 line answer – less marks) Multiple Choice Questions, MCQs (Answer one from the given choices) Study or… Read more Question-wise Preparation.

Take regular exercise

Take regular exercise Brain takes it nutrients from blood for functioning properly. Physical exercise speeds up blood flow to brain and brain gets well nourished as well as brain gets rid of waste products. Physical exercise is necessary for enhancing memory power. TAKE REGULAR EXERCISE