How to download whatsapp on pc

How to download whatsapp on pc

Whatsapp is facebook owned internet instant messaging application with 500 million monthly active users uploading more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos each day with more than 10 billion messages shared each day.

Since you want to download whatsapp for PC you must

already be knowing its features.So i won’t bore you further with it……

Whatsapp was created originally for phones and still is officially available for mobile phones only.But you can however enjoy whatsapp for PC
using this software

Using Blustack player

Using Blustack player

When not to use

If you have terribly low connection speed.Application takes around 127 mb of data out of which most (118mb) is downloaded at run time.
Low on RAM.Minimum requirement is 1GB!!
Insufficient Graphics.You need Atleat 500mb graphics card.
Processor.1.66 Ghz is recommended
If any of above conditions are not met then scroll down to use other method.

Download and install Bluestack:-Go to Bluestacks official website and download it.

Now start installing,following instructions.This may take few min depending on connections speed since 120+ mb
of data is downloading.

Install whatsapp on bluestack:-Send whatsapp application(.apk file) from your smartphone to PC and just double click it or download from
bluestack’s build in search bar at top.

You must see whatsapp installed on “my apps”. click on it.

When not to use

Customizing whatsapp:-Accept terms and conditions.

add your phone number with 91 extension.

you will get verification code through sms on your smartphone.Insert this code in next can get also opt for
verification code through call.

Add contact number’s through option available in menu and you are done…..

Customizing whatsapp

Using Youwave

Its a commercial emulator but much lighter and faster than bluestacks.You can have 10 day trail after which you have to buy it.

Using pidgin

Its a universal chat client and open source project.It is smaller in size and faster.Also if you feel that adding contact is tedious then this is a great
option.It can also be used to connect Yahoo messenger, Google Talk ,AIM, MSN, and other networks all at same time and their plugin extends
the software even more.

If you choose this option then you have lot of work to do.So lets get started…..

1]Download the latest Pidgin software.Install it.

2]Download plugin for whatsapp.

3]Your download must be having .dll extension.Copy this to /purple/plugins folder in installed Pidgin’s sub-directory.

4]Download smiley’s for pidgin.Extract it in /purple/smiley subdirectory.

5]Now,download the latest version of WART which is required to register your phone number with pidgin.

6]Run WART-x.x.x.x.exe and follow on screen instructions to register your mobile phone number.

7]You will shortly receive password which will be required in next step.

8]Start your Pidgin and run whatsapp on “Add” button.A new dialogue box will appear.Insert password and username(your phone
number) in appropriate boxes.Click on preferences and choose Emoji for Pidgin and Smiley Theme.

9]Proceed to customizing your whatsapp profile and you are done…

Many readers asked us to include Wassapp in our list but unfortunately it is temporarily not working.Wassapp was another great application to
download whatsapp on pc.This is not a player like Bluestack or youwave but a simple software specially designed to work only whatsapp for
PC.It is much smaller in size(9mb) than any other emulators.But due to change in Whatssapp method of creating new passwords Wassapp is
showing an error while registering.

Hope you were able to install Whattsapp on PC without any troubles.However if you had any problems then comment it below.We will try our best to solve your queries.

How to download whatsapp on pc

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