Whatsapp Tricks and Hacks

Whatsapp Tricks and Hacks

We all know how useful whatsapp is!! Sending and receiving messages for free is what makes it prudent.With more than 500 million active users it has emerged and proved itself as best online messenger available for every mobile platform.

Using the following Whatsapp tricks and some hacks you can unveil the true potential of whatsapp and will help you using Whatsapp more efficiently.

Update 1]Avoiding or removing blue ticks in Whatsapp.

First of all what are those damn blue ticks???
Well in recent update by facebook they introduced this feature.It means a person (receptor) has seen your message.

Avoid whatsapp blue ticks
In a nutshell.
Now some you don’t want that other person to know you read their message and still don’t reply.Before this feature you could have just lied stating you have not seen the message.But now you simply can’t.

For such people you can follow this simple trick to disable blue ticks.

1)Switch off your data connection (or wifi)

2)Read all of your messages.

3)Close Whatsapp application

4)Switch on you data connections(if you want.)

Congratulations! you have successfully read messages without letting them know.You can also use this tiny trick if you don’t want to update your last seen to current time.

However some say that whatsapp is going to introduce blue tick on/off button in next update…so stay updated

(Update:-They have already included blue tick on/off button.)

1]Whatsapp Hack

Many ask this same question “Can i hack my friends whatsapp?? “.Well,a simple answer to this question is, yes you can!!.But only by having access to his/her phone.

After version 2.11 hacking whatsapp has become increasingly difficult due to their 192-bit encryption.So you need to decrypt those files.Follow these steps…..

1.Get your friends mobile and copy msgstore.db.crypt file located at SDcard/whatsapp/database to your desktop.

2.Go to recovermessages.com and upload those files.


3.Accept terms of use and click scan.

4.Uploading must start now and after completion you can view all chats.

5.If above website is not working then try alternative recover website known as ob4wa.com

2]Share any type of file(zip,pdf etc)

It really hurts when you have your college/company group and all you want to send/receive are those important ppt’s or some other notes.

nevertheless,now you can using any of these two methods

Method 1

Change the extension of your file to some audio/video extensions such as .mp4 or .avi.Now your messenger will interpret it as audio/video file which you can send it over whatsapp.

If you want,you can download Whats Packed 2 ads to do the same.

Method 2

Above method will work each and every time but since i know another method I’m going to share this method too…

Go to play store and download Dropbox and Cloudshare

Install both this app and open cloudshare.Click setup and once it asks to link dropbox,allow it.

Now go to file which you wish to share.long tap on that file.choose share.Scroll to cloudshare.

Your file is now uploaded to dropbox.Click on the notification and you will be prompted to share “file link via” option. Share it via WhatsApp.

You can share through other available client also.

3]Whatsapp lock

Who wants their personal chats to be read by friends,brother or sisters.Sometimes your phone gets into wrong hands like your parents.Just imagine the situation where your dad is reading your chats.How much trouble you can get into!!

If this sounds scary then its advisable to download some free whatsapp lock.Based on number of downloads following are best app to lock whatsapp or any other app for that matter.


2.Smart App Lock

3.Messenger and Chat Lock

4]Change whatsapp background.

Default whatsapp background is a simple textured wallpaper.You can add your own wallpaper easily.Just go to settings–chat settings and click on wallpaper.There you can upload your wallpaper/photo from gallery or download their wallpaper application.

5]Hide whatsapp last seen or status.

Do you get “always on whatsapp” tag??? then all you have to do is hide “last seen”

Just go to settings–accounts–privacy.There you will see hide last seen,hide status and hide profile picture.

You can use third party application to do the same.

However the above method removes last seen feature as a whole.If you just want last seen not to get update then

1)Switch off your data connection (or wifi) 2)Read all of your messages. 3)Close Whatsapp application 4)Switch on you data connections(if you want.)

6]Create fake whatsapp conversations

Most of the users use default whatsapp wallpaper.So its easy to get tricked by fake conversations.

You can also create one using Whaitsaid.Use this since it is not available on Google playstore.

7]How to make whatsapp free for lifetime.

Whatsapp will ask you to pay $0.99 to continue services after one year.But you can extend whatsapp license for free using any of these two methods.

method 1

Uninstall your whatsapp completely through settings–accounts.
Now add new gmail account in phone settings–account and sync.
go to playstore and replace old gmail “sign in” with new one.
Now sign in to whatssapp account.
method 2

uninstall your whatsapp completely.
get your friends iphone/ipad and register whatsapp with you phone number.
You will get confirmation code on you phone.enter that code on your friends device.
Delete whatsapp from friend phone and install new whatsapp application on your phone.
Congratulations,you have successfully extended whatsapp validity by 10 years.

If you have any other Whatsapp tricks or hacks then do comment below.

Whatsapp Tricks and Hacks

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